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Tumbling Class Descriptions

Unsure of which tumbling class to attend?  Please see our detailed description of our "Level" guidelines.  If you are still uncertain, please just ask an instructor!

Tumbling Classes

The prerequisites must be performed at proper skill level as set forth by the coach before a student will be promoted to the next level. Promotion is up to the coaches discretion as set forth by USASF (United States All Star Federation).

Foundations (Pre-Tumbling)

In the Foundations class, young students (ages 4-6) will learn balance, flexibility, and coordination.  These basic foundations will prepare them for entry into Level 1 intoductory tumbling.

No prerequisite

Level 1

In Level 1 tumbling, students are getting introduced to and perfecting tumbling basics.

Skills learned: Handstands, rolls, back bend, back/front walkover, cartwheel, round-off

No prerequisite

Level 2

In Level 2 tumbling, students are working on back handsprings, as well as connecting Level 1 skills to back handsprings (back walkover back handspring, round-off back handspring).  Students are also starting to connect back handsprings.

Prerequisites: Forward roll, handstand, cartwheel, round-off

Level 3

In Level 3 tumbling, students are now starting to connect back handsprings from a standing position.  In running tumbling, the tumblers are starting to work on aerial (no hands!) skills, including round-off tucks, back handspring tucks, and punch front tucks.

Prerequisites: Standing back handspring, round-off back handspring series

Level 4

In Level 4 tumbling, students have perfected running tuck skills, and are now learning layouts, as well as combination passes.  These combination skills can include whips and punch front passes.  From a standing position, students are learning standing tucks, and long standing passes.

Prerequisites: Round-off back tuck, round-off back handsring tuck

Level 5

In Level 5 tumbling, students are starting to learn spinning skills (fulls, doubles) as well as elite combination passes.  Standing passes are now including more advanced combinations.

Prerequisites: Standing back tuck, standing back handspring tuck, round-off back handspring layout



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